A Business Born

Performance 9 - Specialist Porsche Parts
Performance 9 - Porsche Racing PartsPerformance 9 is a small business born out of a need to appreciate the attributes of the Porsche marque. In 1983 Stan Adler, the founder and principle of Performance 9, became a Porsche owner. By 1990, his ‘need for speed’ led him to build a racecar.

The weapon of choice was the giant killing 1973, 911 2.8 liter RSR. It was not long before Stan became aware of the difficulty obtaining performance parts at reasonable cost. Where necessary components were imported and with the help of race engineers, developed for the local market.

These formed the basis of a range of performance parts manufactured in Australia, exclusively for Performance 9.

Growing into the Future
Performance 9 - Specialist Porsche Parts
Performance 9 - Porsche Racing PartsInitially the business operated out of North Rocks, a Sydney suburb. A market developed for used components mainly for the 911 models (mechanical, brake and suspension), and the business grew through a combination of competitive pricing and exceptional service. Performance 9 relocated to Maribyrnong, a Melbourne suburb, in 1999, and has continued to enjoy strong growth.

Performance 9 has moved again, this time to Queensland still offering great service, expertise and pricing structure.

We consider ourselves a leading supplier of Porsche PERFORMANCE parts in Australia, with over 20 years in the industry, and 30 years motor-sport experience.

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